Update: 7th January 2017 – Some thoughts and a poll

Firstly as promised, here is the poll based on requests for the content to be covered after the economic overview at the next webinar:

What would you like see after the next webinar?

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Secondly, on a very positive note, the MAM investments keep rolling in and the equity is looking very attractive (As in I’m tempted to run away with it all and hide at Chino’s place in Cancun attractive). But all jokes aside, our current schedule is to start trading on Monday the 23rd of January 2017.

So if you are intending to tag along for 2017, please sign up and ensure your account is funded before then so that you can get in on the floor from day one. Note: This does not mean that doors will be closed after this period. One can always deposit anytime after this date.

See you all at tomorrows webinar. Have a great weekend,




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