Update: 8th December 2015

In line with market expectations, Japanese GDP was revised upwards to show that the economies contraction was changed to small growth. Other than that, UK data was soft today (interestingly enough it seems to have been leaked 15 mins early again today). This has been a trend in UK data for the last few months and I have often commented on this. I think it is appalling that the regulators have not yet done something about this blatant abuse.

The Good:
Our two shorter term trades (NZDJPY and NZDUSD sell) are in profit (at the time of writing this). I expect them to continue in this direction. I feel the RBNZ will cut rates on Thursday morning and will state they are willing to cut more in future.

Our first day of options trading was excellent. Only some members of the community have reported their results, with 20% gain being the number I have heard the most. That is better than I expected and I am glad this got off to a great start!

I see a blue star near my name today, but those of you who read my posts over the weekend knew this was coming and have heard my pledge that I will not let it effect my trading what so ever. The community comes first. Always.

The Bad:
Our longer term lower leverage GBPCHF buy has under performed significantly today, but I am not to worried about it at this point, since it still is sound, still is safe and I had planned to leave it around longer (which is why I did not close it in green yesterday). This investment was made with a section of the portfolio that was not being used for trading or defense and so I thought it was better to make a longer term commitment on a pair with potential. I feel that I am right. Time will tell whether I am or not.

Our first week of CFD trading was an utter disaster. Will try to learn from the mistakes and build on this next week.

The Ugly:
Seems I still get upset by the Etoro experts. You know the ones. The types who comment about how they knew what was going to happen the day AFTER it happens. Its almost as if people expect you to be right all the time and expect everything fast. They do not realize that today and yesterday only matter slightly, what matters is OVERALL performance. Its so annoying to see this nonsense from them every day. No matter how much I try to get used to it. I can not. To these people I say:
1.) I will not be right EVERY TIME….
2.) Anyone can be right with hindsight. Even I can give you the winning lottery numbers one day after the draw…
3.) If you can do better, please do. I will happily stop worrying about everyone’s money and give the responsibility to you.
4.) Nobody asked you to copy me ever. So if you feel more capable then please go solo.

The account is still in good standing and we are still aiming to make it a profitable month. We have had some set backs at the very start but we have mostly overcome them and I am doing my very best to continue progressing forward.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi Mohammed,

    Just wanted to say you are a true inspiration! I’m trying to learn from you since I really think you are an amazing human being, not only in your trading but as a person!

    Thanks for caring about the community and thanks for always being you!

    Best regards

  2. Thank you very much for your effort. I am a happy copier since 3 weeks. Thank you.

    Just go on as you do and dont listen to any “you should do this or that”. Just do what you think is right.

    95%SL all the way. I am trusting you.

  3. Thanks Mohammed, we really appreciate the analysis and the hard efforts that you do for our community. Wishing you always the very best 🙂

  4. Hi Mo,

    Once again thanks for your great work, this is biggest red I’ve seen since following you but doesn’t worry me at all. Have 100% faith in you!

    Just a couple of questions you say you want to hold onto GBP.CHF as a long term trade, how long are you looking at holding it on there for? Is it until it goes green or are you looking at making a smaller loss, then regain the loss with new trades?

    Keep up the good work mate!

    Best regards


  5. My favourite movie from my childhood was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 🙂

    Seriously, keep up the great work Mohammed. The odd mistake just reminds me you are human and not some infallible machine !

  6. Hi Mohammed!
    I will from now on call you Mo as everybody else seems to do, hope it´s OK.
    Just want to say, 100% seriously, and with no irony belive me..

    I´ve been very busy with my business for a while and did not look at the eToro account.
    This evening I took a quick look and saw that more than 40% of my equity with you was invested, and I have to tell you guys what it was like..

    I saw that aprox 1/3 of it was in deep red colour and it made me smilehe 2/3 in green made me even happier of course but also the 1/3 in red.
    Why, so?

    First, here is a guy that goes all in to creating wealth.
    More than 40% of my money is out in the battlefield and fighting with bulls, bears and whatever comes in its way. It makes me happy to know that Mo has given a code red alert to the remaining 60% of my money, The bigger part of it is ready to go to work on short notice.. No rest.

    Second: He has the knowledge and confidence to belive in his descisions and actions taken. If you are confident you dont tassle around with like 1% of the equity invested (Like I did..)

    Mo, your knowledge and passion for investments together
    with your teamspirit and willingness to share knowledge to your group, and the few moments when you snap is all together priceless. I think you should snap more often, its probably good for the health. But, then again.. What do I know about hot-temper, growing up in my Serb/Yugoslav family..

    Thank you for being you, the “Bruce Springsteen of Forex”


  7. Thank you! I’ve been following and copying you since 3 month. IMO you are what etoro is about. I learn from you, i’m gratefull For the profits you bring, and I’m looking forward to your updates everyday, filled with humor and knowledge.

  8. Hi Mo,

    Why don’t you decide to just not give a damn anymore about the so called “eToro experts” once and for all ?
    Would make your life easier.

    Take care and thanks as usual for your dedication toward the community.


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