Update: 9th December 2016 – Social Trading Lessons Publication Released

As requested in a previous poll by members of the community, I have condensed the pages from my trading diaries into a short and condensed pdf document to highlight the lessons learned since my first exploration of social trading and how these lessons will affect my plans moving forward with the next investment venture which shall commence shortly after the 9th of January 2017.

This was typed up in my spare time outside of work this last week and while at 20 pages long, its length may put some people off reading it, it was almost impossible to make it any shorter. One has to remember that this is effectively a summary of the last 18 months and I did not want to leave out anything that I felt would be of value to the readers.

I put a lot of effort into this and have to honestly say it was not easy to make this public. I hope you all enjoy it and get some benefit from it.

Update: Sorry for the delay. Had issues with the download plugin. Had to get a family member to help me with it. Clicking the link below should now work.

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