Update for the end of the week

Well it’s my favorite part of the week again. The time when it comes to an end. Its not that I enjoy the weeks passing by quickly, because I really do not like the fact that the years of creeping by all of us but I do enjoy the ability to be completely and utterly lazy for two days.

Anyway another week has passed us and I’m happy to say that it’s a week that has gone very well. After closing all of our trades, the overall equity of the account has increased by 10.3% this week. I’m particularly happy with this as many traders have finished this week in the red and I am happy that once again we were able to post a very respectable portfolio gain while trading with small amounts of our portfolio at a time and never really exposing ourselves to risk or dangers. In short, it came quite easily this week and I’m happy for that. Everything really worked out as planned, except for the last trade on Friday which ended up being closed in profit after being initially troublesome (as explained in this morning’s post). So 23 profitable trades in a row.

So what else is on my mind? Not great deal of this point in time. I’m satisfied that we continue to smash our targets and am satisfied that the community is growing very well and more people are coming forward and taking part. That makes me happy. Earlier today,I was able to quickly knock together part three of our 30 part short online lessons and will be looking to add another one when I have a bit more time perhaps tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain what happened with the USD today that gained strength despite softer than expected data. Well to throw in my two cents (and build on what I said earlier this week), the data still showed modest growth and an improving economy and we appear to be at the point where it is not longer “What will make the FED tighten monetary police in December” but “What will Stop the FED from moving in December”. That is my current view on the matter. Hope this helps put the situation more clearly for you.

Also to a certain broker (wont mention you and give you free publicity) that emailed me asking me to jump ship to you and bring my copiers in exchange for a 20% commission on all of their first deposits, I wont reply to you in email as I am a very open person and do not keep things like this secret. I will reply to you here. The answer is No. Do NOT contact me again. I am not interested in using people for my gain and that is a very dirty tactic that you use. Karma is real, remember that.

Now that the unpleasant situation has been addressed, To my copiers and followers and friends, I wish you all a great weekend. If you are up to anything special, comment below. I like hearing that people have a good time.


  1. Thanks for the information, clear as always.
    I will think again about my future egg baskets
    Have a nice weekend Mohammed ??

  2. Mo, thanks. you are a special person. You also have refused the offer of another broker for staying with us. Do not we grateful enough to. it’s great that you tell us everything and we do share your thoughts. Yes, profit is important and is why we are here, but it seems as if we are becoming a real community and, perhaps, even a group of friends. thank you

  3. ha ha well, a nice post like usually 🙂 i’m going to see the new movie Bond in cinema on sunday, so good time ahead.
    have a wonderful week-end Mo and all the members of community!

  4. Fantastic week as always! I’m going to watch some naruto and try to finish the series. Have you finished the naruto series? I assume you must’ve watched quite a bit since you had the itachi photo on for a long time haha.

  5. Thank You for this impressiv week and your most intresting comments. Looking forwarf to a surely positive week to come and being giuded by you!!!

  6. Mo I posted one message for you ealier, and now you posted another one.
    I ´ll repea
    t, you are really a kind person, when I read you thoughts I imagine an older brother teaching the youngest how to walk. Mo I wish to you and your family only the best in every way. I m very pround to know you (and copy you).
    Have a nice weekend!
    (from Brazil)

  7. Every day you are teaching me something new that i never knew before. Thanks for everything brother. Thanks God that i found you as my trading Guru.

  8. I’m only around for a couple of days now. I can’t find the right words for it.
    I can only say that deeply,deeply respect you !!!!

  9. First week with you was great. Im pround to know you. I will deposit more for you. I trade you manually too and won twice. Thank you that you dont go to another broker for more bonus like many popular trader here in etoro.

    Have a nice weekend
    See you monday

  10. Hello there Mohammed…

    Thanks a lot for the great results and your thoughts!
    Your work impacts a lot of people in more ways than you might realise. Not only are you helping people grow their wealth – but also you are helping build a community and educate some people.
    Thank you very much for your time and effort!

  11. Dear Mohammed,

    You are indeed an awesome guy! I’m really blessed to have met you on eToro! After so many disastrous(to my equity) failures in finding a good trader to copy, I think I have finally found one, and that is you! I pray and hope that you can continue this effort and sharing of knowledge of yours, Mohammed! May God bless you and your family abundantly for what you have been doing for all this while!
    Have a great weekend!


  12. 2 weeks copying you but more than results i see a person that it´s very hard to find…a person with your character is really hard.
    Thanks again for who you are and i´m happy to “found” you in the right time.
    In my case this weekend (like everyday) i will be working in my restaurant…
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Regards from Portugal to you and to all friends here too

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