Update: Markets still quiet

So just another update, because I am very bored. The markets are still quiet. We will continue to hold as we go into next week.

The Sterling fell today, as GDP was not revised upwards from its preliminary of 2.3% year on year, dashing market hopes that the UK economy grew firmer. So once again it seems this week has been a painful one for the sterling bulls. Next week, with the US back from their holiday, it looks like it can be even more painful.

Will have some new trade ideas for you all on the forum on Sunday afternoon and will post our weekly summary later today or tomorrow.

P.S. A surprise to all on this adventure, as many of you know I have been getting somewhere with one of the new platforms, hopefully by next week will be ready to share all with everyone. But I think its going to be an excellent supplement to Etoro, which will continue to be the only social trading I do.
This additional platform will enable me to trade securities not offered on Etoro, e.g. Natural Gas and it will allow people to expand their learning exponentially on the forums as they discuss countless other currencies and commodities. (Wonder who will be the first one to start debating the price of cotton). I actually have a draft already written and am only waiting for withdrawal to be completed within the 4 days promised before I publish the post.

Hope you all have a great weekend,



  1. Hi

    I’m in with the new platform?
    Yep the market is very quite due to Thanksgiving!
    But we here would like to also give thanks to You πŸ™‚

  2. hey mo,
    thanks for the update i just hope that you wont stop trading or minimize ur trading on etorro unless the other platform provide a copy function it wont do my any good on the short term. beside i need to break even here first before i do anything πŸ™ am still in minus sadly πŸ™ need to make some sort of money out of etorro somehow.

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