Update Monday 16th November 2015

Okay where to begin?

First of all I am concerned by what happened on Etoro today. I spent hours over the weekend studying multiple pairs and preparing an analysis that would have minimum risk and a decent reward and came up with three trade ideas all of which I planned to execute as soon as the markets opened. I had put special thought into this, as I wanted to avoid trades involving the euro as I had no intention of capitalising on the weakness that would come to the euro as a result of the tragic events that took place in Paris (I think that it is morally wrong to try to use such a tragedy to gain profit). So, I woke up at 2 AM my time in order to execute my planned trades and make money for my copiers. Make money for all of you who put your faith in me.

You can imagine how annoying it was to find that despite having two days to do their routine maintenance, the Etoro platforms went offline for maintenance the very second that the markets opened. As a result, I was unable to make the trades that I wanted. I do not know this happened and I have not received a reply as to why it happened. All I know is is that in the last three weeks this is the fourth technical issue that Etoro have had at a crucial time. I really hope that this isn’t going to be the start of a continuing trend as I genuinely enjoy the platform and talking to the community. You guys have an amazing platform and you have created something unique that all of us enjoy. Please don’t let the standards slip. Please don’t let us down. So many people are counting on you.

Anyway back to the trades that got away, the three trades were:

  1. To buy USDJPY.
  2. To buy GBPJPY.
  3. To sell GBPUSD.

Those of you who have access to my private trade ideas on the forum know that I am telling the truth, for those of you that may be doubting this and thinking “Hey Mohamed could just be making this all up after seeing how the markets turned out”, please see this image if you have your doubts:


Trade ideas

Anyway why does this antagonise me so much? It’s because quite simply, had I been allowed to execute these trades, I would have gained 200+ pips which would have resulted in approximately an equity game of $100,000 for my copiers. That is hardly an insignificant amount of money and I know that to most of the people copying me, this money makes a difference. I put a lot of thought into this and I am upset and I could not use it to its maximum potential.

However, not all was lost and I was very happy to see that certain copiers who actually read my trade ideas and took time to understand them put them into practice. It made me very happy seeing people like Julian and Tallbloke profit nicely from these three trades as not only did it mean that my work did not entirely go to waste, but it also meant that the people who take part in the community are learning and gaining self-confidence and using what they learn and putting it into practice. In short, they are learning to become better traders. Seeing this really lifts my heart as it is for this reason that I do all of this. Thanks to all of you for making the day a little nicer.

Moving on, not all was lost. After I let my irritation subside (never trade when you don’t have a clear head), I spotted an opportunity to take advantage of temporary USD strength against the AUD and opened a sell which I then closed in profit. This represents the 25th consecutive profitable trade in a row and ensured that overall today we raised the total equity of our account by just over 1%. So not all is lost. We still had a profitable day.

Before I finish, I just want to say once again that I am very sorry that today was not as successful as initially planned. I really wanted to give us all an excellent start to the week. I even woke up in the early hours of the morning to do everything to make it possible. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances happen that are out of our control. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to us again.


  1. Hi Mo!

    Yes, equity up by 1.12% on copied funds 🙂

    On my “personaI trades” still have an open sell on GBPUSD that’s moving just above and just below break even. Not sure whether to call it, or leave it!

    Even a bad day is a great day with Mo!


  2. Thanks for your thoughts Mo.
    This Experience is your/our bad luck for the week! Greens to follow!

    I need to get on the forum more! ive been missing out.

  3. Hi Mo!

    Thanks for your sacrifice to wake up early , wanting to start a profitable week . I wish you and the others copiers and followers a great and profitable week.


  4. Hi Mo,
    I was also able to gain several pips from your trade suggestions so here’s another happy person 🙂 thank you so much for what you do for the community and I’m sorry that your efforts weren’t properly rewarded this time. Let’s hope it won’t happen again. Have a great rest of the day!

  5. It is an honor to whom copy does not take advantage of pain in Europe. I do not need so much money and I prefer not win that way. I take my hat off to your honesty. Thanks for all your efforts and teachings.

  6. Hi Mohammed,
    Thanks for today as we all make profit through you although it is sad that your initial plans weren’t executed although some of the guys executed them. Question is how they were able to do it while you weren’t able to do it? were you only restricted to place the trade(s)? I think that I will not invest more in Etoro if they continue to have these malfunctions at critical times.
    Again Shukran!
    Best regards,

    1. They were on a different timezone and were awake when the system came back online (like 4 AM our time), so they were able to do it.
      Thanks for the kind words as always bro.

  7. Hi Mo…
    25 green trades in a row????
    Small profit today?Come on mate…we only must to THANK YOU SO MUCH all your hard work and to be the genuine person you are…
    Great week to you and to all friends here
    Regards from Portugal lads

  8. Hi Mo,
    I have been reading your thoughts for a few days and had been wondering if someone really can be so unselfishly like You… Meamwhile I’m confident of it!!!
    Thanks a lot for your outstanding work.
    Rgds Thomas

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