Update: Thursday 26th November 2015

Well no real surprises today. With the US on holiday, the markets remain relatively quiet. This morning after extremely soft Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) data, the AUD has finally weakened after rising on the back of yesterdays merger being given approval. So that trade is going in the right direction and fundamentally the AUDUSD should continue to fall.

With regards to the USDJPY, it did advance this morning but then lost all gains following comments from Russia that its aircraft received no warning and that they were sending S-400 air defense systems to Syria. This of course has once again resulted in bids for the JPY and haven assets but the USD remains fundamentally supported, as shown by its refusal to fall significantly.

Currently, the account has 3 trades that are in the red. (2 slightly, one medium) but none of these trades are in danger and the account remains positive for this week despite the last three days having no green.  At this point there is no logic in cutting the trades as they still do have value and there is more to gain from keeping them.

Either tomorrows soft Japanese inflation will once again turn this in the right way, or next weeks barrage of US data will once again showcase just how strong the American economy is performing in contrast to a Japanese economy that is now in recession.

You may have noticed that I have not logged into Etoro today. This is because I do not wish to post there. Until they incorporate a block feature doing so is not productive. As always I wish you all profitable trades,



  1. Cheers Mo. I am currently putting the finishing touches to my daughter’s fifth birthday this Sunday. Fairy godmother (!) Mo has helped with the party. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Mo,

    If there would be a ‘like’-feature on your website I would like the post as it contains again a very good analysis of what’s going on on the markets.
    Thank you and have a nice evening!

    Kind regards,

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