Update: Trading Summary 29th March 2017 – Back to the drawing board with an ambitious plan

Please find it below and don’t forget to comment on which date you think we will be back in green by and which date we will be back to a 100% gain by.


  1. Well I have no crystal ball but why not throw out a few random dates in the interest of good fun:
    break even: Thursday 13 April
    100%: Thursday 22 June
    250%: Monday 9 October

  2. OK, here is my guess:

    Break even: 5th April
    100%: 13th April
    250%: 30th May

  3. 05/04/07 to break even
    28/04/17 to make 100%
    18/05/17 to make 250%
    31/05/17 to make more than 350%

    And i know u looking to buy usdjpy in near future 😉 ;P

  4. Break even 7th April
    100 % 6th May
    250 % 1st June

    I have not even looked at the calendar. Just throwing some dates.
    We can do it in no time 🙂

  5. Break even – 04/04
    100% – 12/05
    250% – 25/07

    Just remember: even the most dovish estimation would be a a mindblowing result

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