Update Tuesday 10th November 2015

Its been two days since my last post, so  I thought I might as well update you all on what’s been happening . As you will know I posted before the markets opened that I was considering taking sell positions on the EURJPY and buys on the GBPCHF. I also stated that I was going to attempt to do this towards the start of the week as I saw it as an opportune moment. As planned this was the course of action on Monday and this morning. Let me summarize what has happened for all of you in the first half of this week.

The good:

Well the good news is that we managed to close both of our sell positions on the EURJPY in profit. And upon closing them, they helped us increase the total equity in the account by over 3%. more than being happy with the amount that we’ve made (and believe me it does make me happy profiting) I am happier that my analysis proved to be correct and that these close trades represent the 20th consecutive trade in a row that has closed in profit ( I don’t keep trades open for months on end and attempt to close them all in green like the grid traders).

I also realize that as of now I have over 500 copiers compared with the 80 or so I had this time last week. I hope this serves as an example to all those who wish to be copied more that you don’t need to spam or shamelessly market yourself. All you need to do is perform and show the people that trust you with their money the respect and honesty that they deserve. My profile is living proof of this being a success.

The bad:

I had buy order for the GBPCHF at 1.5130. It failed to be triggered missing out by only a few pips (1.5133), which is unfortunate as the pair is currently trading above 1.5230. it would have been a nice earner had this order been executed however we just missed out. Still it’s nice to know that my analysis was correct.

The ugly:

To start with my analysis that I posted on the EURJPY was plagiarized by many people on Etoro without even giving me so much a thank you. While I don’t necessarily mind this so much, because my intention of sharing my analysis was that people would benefit, it does upset me that I saw many people attempting to pose as experts and using my comments to try dupe new people into copying them. I did not mean for my research to be used for nefarious purposes or deceptive means such as this. Therefore in future I shall not be sharing any more of my trade ideas publicly. Put quite simply there are some untrustworthy elements of the community that will take advantage of this to fool people and I don’t want to be a part of that, willingly or unwillingly.

And there was some other unpleasantness but I’m not even going to address it. It is not worth it.


Currently this month: +45% increase overall (very happy to be miles ahead of my 20% target despite being only 1/3 of the way through the month). Will continue to try to improve.


  1. Please please let your analysis keep coming, your analysis is perfect and make so much sense. Keep up the good works. I have learnt so much from you and let me learn more please. We really appreciate your efforts.

  2. Hi Ohemgee,

    First of all – excellent work! I admire your proven success over the last weeks and even more your analysis that proved to be spot on. In response of my admiration I have multiplied my copied amount six-fold over the last couple of days.

    Sorry to hear about the plagiarization of your work and I do understand your decision to not share these ideas publicly anymore. However, would you consider sharing your analysis through any other channels?

    Thanks a million,

    1. Hi Ole,

      Thanks for the compliments. Will in future post them on the forum, where it is more private. I wanted to help people understand more, but not at the cost of others using the words to lure them.



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