We will stop trading at the end of April

The target will be to have twice the amounts of deposits as equity at which point we will all withdraw and cease trading. This is now too much for me. I can not fight the market, the platform, worl and at the same time be fed false info by the community. This betrayal and false info today was the final straw. I deserve much better for my effort. 

Expect no more posts on twitter or here. I dont have the heart for it after todays nonsense.


  1. Hi Mo, what on earth has happened? Obviously you are 100% entitled to do as you see fit, that goes without saying, but would love to understand what the betrayal and false info was all about if you have the time. It would be an absolute travesty if you have been prevented from perusing your goals (and indirectly our goals) by the actions of a few.

    Best wishes

    1. Someone (you can see who) reported a false tech signal on twitter. I trusted them (so didnt check) and acted as it went with my fundamental view. The pair went 100 pips in the oppsosite direction, causing a 50k undrealised loss. When i checked what went wrong, i saw there was no formation, the drama queen had made it up. Have already thrown up twice while thinking about it.

      1. What an absurd and ridiculous thing to do, especially taking into account the potential repercussion of their actions! I do just wish everyone would leave you to trade and do what you do best!! It would be very sad to see you end this journey that has started so promisingly, even against all the odds, but best of luck to you whatever your end decision may be!

        1. I think the best thing is just to at least double everyones Investment and then take a break. That way everyone has something nice and makes no losses at least and I can take time to decide what I want to do next.

          1. If you can achieve that everyone should be eternally grateful, even if that is the end of the line. Likewise they should be gracious and thankful for your efforts even if that goal is not met. I’ll leave you in peace now, good luck Mo and don’t let the buggers get you down!

  2. Wow, I dont know what have happened to day so this was a shock to me! Anyway If someone betrayl you I can understand why you are doing it. Thanks for the pips so far, Im forever gratefull!

    I hope you take a breake and maybe reconsider / come up whith a system where you can control all your followers. In that way you can easy block unwanted users for following you. I really hope to be able to follow your trading and your thoughts in the future!

    Have a great “rest of the day”!

      1. Damn! I read through twitter…

        Do you think this was all organized by them?
        If so they are just shaking their pants because of you so I really hope you get back in the saddle and give them in!

        1. Nope I think it was an attention seeking and they just lied to try to sound like they knew what they were talking about. Anyway jokes on them. Will hedge out of it.

  3. Don’t let the trolls and fools win. Take a break and forget about those who destroy, then I hope you can come back and trade your own way. We are here because we believe in you. Trust yourself and don’t listen to others. Thank you for all your effort and don’t give up please! Would be a shame to end this because of some attention seeker.

  4. Mohammed, I once told you that I will always follow you through thick and thin. As much as I need money to make my life and my loved ones life better, Money is a bonus for me. I am a firm believer that money is a result and never was an objective. Hard work and discipline, We always have to invest in ourselves and become more valuable, and money will always follow as a result. and once we become more valuable, we can add value to everyone’s life. This is EXACTLY what YOU are doing here, Mohammed. I once told you I am not here for the money, and still I am. It’s really rare to meet someone honest and transparent with such skills and still modest and caring for everyone. it’s really an honor to be part of this community. I will always respect you and support your decision no matter what it is. if you decide not to trade, then don’t, but please don’t take it all from us, and leave, at least, stay with us. and let us — your community — have you, bro. but if this is your final decision, then I respect it and I will always be grateful for everything you did for us.

  5. Let me start off by saying that feeding false info is indeed destructive. However, one should always check his sources before acting. That being said, I have actually had similar problems. One has the feeling that he needs to act quickly and trusts people’s judgement.

    I actually had a bad feeling this morning when you made another profit on a GBPUSD sell. Personally, I wouldn’t have moved in on this pair until after the consumer confidence at 14:00 GMT. We have been hurt too much because of the GBPUSD in recent months.

    With regards to the account closure end of April. Let me quote someone: “I stand by my plan of letting things continue the way they are going and not touching a single penny for two years and either emerging with a considerable profit that can actually change the situation of life quite a lot or losing it while doing my best knowing that given the opportunity to aim for something better I tried my best and put the beehive ahead of a quick teaspoon of honey.”
    Whereas your plan of first doubling the account again shows your best interest for the community, your statement of everyone having profits is untrue. Taking into account the losses I incurred on e****, I will still have a deficit of about 2.5k.
    Well, we had a dream for a couple of months that life could get better. Too bad, at least we tried.
    Thanks for your energy and effort. If only there was a good correlation between that and the end result.

    So long, Mo! I enjoyed every minute of the journey (or almost every minute :P)

    1. You are right I did say that. But this last experience has really upset me. Its like a stab in the back, specially after the purchase I made earlier for the benefit of all our trading (trust me had to sacrafice and make many cut backs for it.) Once again its 100% my fault for trusting. Never again. For now I just want to focus on getting back the profits, by then maybe I would have calmed down.

      1. Great! That last comment shed some light in the dark 🙂 I will gladly donate a small amount to you to invest in your upgrade, maybe other wants to follow?

      2. I understand. As I don’t have twitter, I don’t know the circumstances. If they were people that have given you valuable info in the past, than it is a stab in the back. Let’s forget about the past, there’s nothing we can do about it now 😉

        With regards to the upgrade, that’s indeed unfortunate. I know you do everything in the interest of the community. I know that ever since you refused to get a 10k bonus per month on e**** 😛
        Johan Cruyff used to say: every disadvantage has an advantage. You will have your own fund one day. Than you will have to invest in Bloomberg Terminals without a guarantee of success. Furthermore, you will have clients that will be breathing down your neck when the slightest drawdown occurs. This adventure has been a great preparation. Exposing yourself to an anonymous crowd, communicating on a blog and on twitter. Making wrong judgement calls and experiencing big losses. Improving on how you deal with deception and people insulting you. Making awesome judgement calls and experiencing euphoria. It’s totally different compared to trading with your own account!

        In any case, I will never hold a grudge against you. Even if I were to incur losses on HF as well! It’s a game, a risky game and playing is worth something as well 😉

      1. Appreciate this question wasn’t addressed to me, but for info for me personally to recover the losses attributed to copying you on THAT platform I would need 240% increase in starting equity. To cover my total losses on THAT platform it would need to be more like 750%!! 😉

          1. With you all the way Mo, and I suspect I can talk for everyone when I say that would be an amazing achievement!!

      2. Good question. I lost around 3-4k so would need about 750%+ also. Just about breaking even now on plus500 and the options platforms.

        And as for the big loss today, like you’ve said before we can comeback again, stay positive and trust your own ideas, they’ve served well in the past.

      3. Unfortunately, it’s 340%. But I don’t expect to get a win. I accepted that the money was gone when I deposited it.
        Do what’s best for the community and than evaluate what you want to do. Because it’s not worth to destroy your own happiness for some stupid money.

  6. Hello Mo!
    I’m kind of shocked!!! All I could say, has already been said from the wirters before. Me, we all, don’t have the right to give any negative reply considering all the good things you did to us, Even so I’m very depressed on your statement.
    But, as I have been knowing you for a few months, please grant me a favor! Mo, sit back, relax and calm down. It’s only 100k and it’s no one’s life!
    Please think of your dream and our common journey..An then come to a decision after you have slept on it.
    Wishing you all the best,

  7. Just want to thank you for the hard work you done for all of us . You made me interested in the marked and to following your blog . To bad there is so many trolls who can not deal with others peoples success . Hopefully you will put this behind you as well and start up again at another time 🙂
    Best wishes Alexander Noor

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