Well not much to say on the move

Just that once again fundamentals proove right as the BOJ implements negative rates in line with our expectations for their crucial need to do more. We have been calling a Jan move since October for the BOJ to act and its fun to see ourseves prooved rigt again (after our accurate fed call in August last year). I guess this means the Score is:

Fundamentals 2, Recession kids 0.

More importantly, divergence between the BOJ and FED will now become more apprent as time goes on. Expect more raises from the Fed this year and expect more stimulus from the ECB. Also expect the BOE to surprise everyone. Divergence is here in a big way, just like we said. This is a great opportunity to make money. Let us hope we capitalise on it correctly,



  1. Gutted I missed this oppurtunity on HotForex… been 2 days since I’ve uploaded my documents… still not validated…. *Urgh* taking forever :).

    I didn’t have the balls to open a buy on usd/jpy yesterday myself :D. Oh well, didn’t lose money either so, we carry on again waiting for the next oppurtunity :).

    Kind regards,


    1. You really didnt miss much. We have a 12% gain so far this month. (Diluted a bit over time as deposits went from 9k to 55k in the last 3 weeks). Dont worry, the year has just started.

  2. So I ajusted my sl on the ninja and set TP to 125 and went to sleep. Boom ! Woke up to 30 k profits..

    Thanks Mo! You were right all the time..

  3. Took a loss on the HF USDJPY opened at 120, about equal to the profit on the trade opened at 119. Newer participants got better rate but never mind, can really see things taking off now. Amazing analysis Mo, just been a very tough detour on the road to get back here!

  4. Not yet. Ajusted the sl to 120.36.

    I want to hold all the way to 125.

    Oil can push it downwards but other than that the yen will weaken for sure.

    Do you think I should close?

    1. Nope. I think the risk remains to the upside and even if it sls on you. Worst case is 10’s k profit. Hardly a bad ending. But move Sl forward as it advances more. You can always rebuy smaller amounts if sl gets triggered.

      1. Yeah!

        This is some ride come through. At 47 k now. Adjusting the SL at 60 pips behind. All thanks to you and your analyzes of the japanese economy. I am deeply grateful!

        I am in process of opening an corporate account at HF but it takes a lot of time. Hopefully I can take part in your trading there soon.

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