Why do people never accept their own share of the blame?

Lets just take a look at just one messages that I get today for example:



A few things to clear up:

The person is right about one thing. December has been terrible. Anyway you look at it, the performance is terrible from my part. No excuses for it and I wont make any.


1.) Coasting on PI earnings? Um nope. The star has been next to my name less than 10 days and it was actually forced onto me, clearly since you made that comment you do not even know the first thing about me. Not had a penny from Etoro so far. Wish it was true that I could coast from earnings on them though, it would be nice to actually have been compensated for all the abuse I have had over the last 5 months.

2.) User engagement rude? Sure. I guess blogging my thoughts and explaining each trade and considering all reasonable questions can be considered rude by some. It is funny that you have such an opinion on me when you have never even taken the time to say hello to me or interact with me. But I guess you are upset and just speaking what comes to mind. Fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion. Personally, I always try my best to be considerate and inform people of whats happening but I guess people should always expect more than just my free time and effort.

3.) Not reflecting the real world? I actually think my predictions were quite good for what happened this last year, the results alone prove that (with the exception of this last month). The stuff that I could not foresee (Oil crashing to 7 year lows, Japan easing months ahead of market expectations, Turkey and Russia having problems), I can not apologize for that. If I knew everything that would happen in this world, would I truly be doing a regular 8-5 job? Think about that for a second. In addition, since I posted daily, if it was detached from reality, you could have clicked uncopy at any time. Why didn’t you?

4.) If you decided to set your SL at 40% and got stopped out, that is your business. Clearly you reached the risk limit you were willing to put up with and that is your choice it is your money. But as always you were informed of my choices and why every step of the way. If you did not choose to cut earlier, that was your choice. This has been explained to people time and time again. But such individuals do not want responsibility.

5.) I am going to say something terrible now (and I will feel guilty for saying this for a while) but in some small way I am glad you were forced out of the copy, as you strike me as the sort of person who does not deserve to benefit from the hard work of others. Fact is, for better or for worse, I spend dozens of hours each week analyzing, posting and trading. It is a lot of effort and as soon as something goes wrong, the abuse and criticism piles up. I would love to see all these people who randomly criticize do a better job. I really would.

Regardless of how things turn out, and I am very confident they will turn out very well, I have a clear conscience as I always did my best and was always honest and transparent. Anyone who did not like the analysis could have uncopied at any time.

Anyway I am done interacting with people on Etoro, will just trade on it and not post a word there again. It honestly is not worth it. Too many delluded individuals who think they can click copy once and then retire (and that is a polite way of expressing my thoughts). Those who have always supported me and stood by me through good and bad (and there are many of you and I do thank you), you know how to contact me when you need me.


  1. Dear Mohammed,

    I respect you deeply, which is why I am saying this, so don’t take it the wrong way:

    Shut up, keep your promise and go have a wonderful holiday! You’re not going to force some of us to come drag you to a bar for some fruit cocktails, are you? 😉

    You really deserve and need a holiday, don’t let yourself be brought down by some self centred idiot who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Especially because even after that abuse, YOU, still have the decency and manners to block out his name.

    Happy Christmas Mohammed, and have a lovely new year!

    Now, go celebrate your holiday.

  2. Dear Mo, you’re right all the way! Only we chose who to copy and therefore we are responsible for our own choices. I guess it’s the nature of man to blame something or someone else when things go wrong. But those are some very ugly things he said there, and were uncalled for! Which btw are dead wrong! You have provided a wealth of information and motivations on each of your trades, more than anyone I ever copied. You can be blamed absolutely nothing!
    Don’t even bother to reply to his silly post, he doesn’t deserve it.
    Now as Mitchell said turn off your device and think no more of it and go enjoy your well earned holidays!

  3. Hi Mo

    They will all come crawling back once the account has turned green , I wouldnt put up with it , you have never asked people to follow you , we all got into this with our eyes open , people are not realistic expecting to make 100% return with no risk involved , you go out of your way to provide analysis, training , and support , i would block them out for good and not allow them to benefit in the future , now go and enjoy your holiday !

  4. Hi Mo,

    This guy would have lost all his money sooner or later anyway, he dont understand the basics of forex and he have`nt understood money management. Also he havent spent more than 2 minutes studying your statistic then click “copy” and with standard 40% SL. If you start reading through your blog and also eToro you can easily find your recommended SL for your trading.

    I agree with Mitchell, dont let guys like him ruining your well deserved holiday!

  5. Just seen the original post on open book & responded to it. Before I saw your Blog Mohammed.
    Don’t worry about it haters gonna hate!! Your a legend for all you have done!! Cheers brother.

    1. His priceless Lie “been collecting PI payments” I do not think he noticed the star has only been by my name for 10 days. He can say whatever he wants now. Lost all credibility.

      1. I am so sorry you are having to put up with these allegations when all you want to do is trade and support others with your time and knowledge. Hope the issues with etoro get sorted to your satisfaction.

  6. all I can say is that guy is a joke LOOL..I agree with Steve. “Haters gonna hate”. The genuine people who has spoken and are heard will always have haters and will always have a huge impact (JFK, M.luther King, Lincoln, etc) not saying you’ll get assassinated LOOL But don’t let something minor like this bother you. Enjoy you vacation and forget about the cry babies.

  7. Dear Mo,
    Please don’t let people like that get under your skin. The world is full of assholes, nothing you can do about it, just ignore and forget them and focus on everything positive! You’re doing a great and impressive job, and I agree fully with every trade placed in Desember as well, everything points to them turning around shortly.

    Keep up the excellent work and try to enjoy your holiday!

  8. Hi my friend Mo,

    I can imagine how a person like you feel when read such comment. But people are like him, blame others for their own mistakes, these kind of people doesn´t deserve your time.
    Have a nice vacation!


  9. Hatters gonna hate,

    Even sad that we didn’t hit 40% SL.

    However sorry Mo, I will start copy you again in January, As off now I need cash for my taxes 🙁 and can’t liquidate my other contracts running with the bank yet.

    Sorry for uncopying, I’ll be back in the second week of January.

    Thank you so far, as I still learn lot on the Forum 🙂

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