Wow a new low for Etoro?

So im getting complaints that Etoro pulled their network offline during the ECB drama. Does this glorified gaming site have no shame?

But in truth it serves you people right. After they were CAUGHT sabotaging our account (Yes they accidentaly admitted the ban after denying it for days), you should have recognized them for the illegitimate practices they adhere to and withdrawn all your capital. You have now been warned twice. Will they fool you a third time?

Withdraw all funds from Etoro now. Its the right thing to do.


  1. I had withdrawn any remaining capital. I was playing with remaining persistent etoro credits to try and make capital that I could withdraw further.

    Thanks to your excellent call on the ECB Rate decision I had managed to triple it to withdrawable funds.

    Thanks to my greed I managed to squander it as whatever Draghi said reversed the previous gains.

    I think I’m cleared out of there now – would have been nice to take a few last pennies with me though.

  2. Hi Mo,

    You are absolutely right about those scammers! I already withdrawed my money there and I’m already with you on HF. But not on twitter yet, can pls accept my? I would love to follow you there. My twitter is BeijaardWilrik.

    Nice to see our account skyrocking, such a good job!


  3. Yes I I withdrew what was after the first fiasco. But not soon enough! Can’t believe they keep getting away with this.

    For the rest of the members I’m going to start a thread on the members only page. If you have the screen print or telephone recording of them admitting blocking Mo on that Monday please could you post it


  4. Hi Mo

    When I noticed that it went down, your previous warnings came to my mind immediately. I am not surprised any more by this behavior.
    I’m still playing with virtual money on that platform, but I will never deposit real money with them.

    The markets were generous this week. Nice gains.

  5. I also think they are passing information on to other companies. I had a call from another broker that I’d never signed up for. They were trying to sell me on thei platform and said I’d already created an account which is bullshit. The guy on the phone even sounded similar to the Etoro guy too.

  6. Withdraw with big loss when your problems with them has started .I hope soon to join you on HF .The question is should i do this now , or must wait for the result of your meeting with them ?

      1. Are you meeting with HF? About the spreads?

        Too bad I have a dislike for Twitter. Now, I’m missing out on the useful info ?

  7. Yeah I withdrew after the previous funny business. What a croc. You knew you used to also piss me off was useless Annie – flitting around making crap jokes and peddling the bullshit. Big ol’ part of the game play. Glad to hear HF coming good. Wish I was there with you mate!

  8. I withdrew funds immediately after the dreadful way they handled your account. Looking to reinvest with yourself on HF, do you feel more confident with their service?

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