You wanted it. Here it is.

Now we can profit from options as a community – keep reading till the end and you will see, I really do mean community:

As stated in lesson 6, an option is a purchase of the right to execute a trade at a given point in the future. It can either be put (sell) or call (buy). The idea is that most online options brokers do not offer options in the traditional way (like banks or funds do) and they simply let you pick a time frame and a direction and as long as your are right, you receive the payoff (whether you get the direction right by 1 pip or 100 pips etc). For example, do you think the EURUSD will go up or down over the next minute,hour,week,month etc. As you can imagine, for some people this is easier because:

1.) They find it easier to asses a trend rather than absolute amounts, especially over longer periods.
2.) They find it convenient that they can not be taken out by sudden spikes.
3.) They know their risk and exact payout before entering a transaction which for many people is comforting.

However what are the smart ways to play options:

Well the smart way is not to gamble and rely on luck but rather to have logic behind your put and calls. And there are two ways to profit doing this.

A.) Have options with expires of 2 minutes, one minute before key economic data is coming out.
B.) Have options with expires of weeks or months where you can benefit from your fundamental analysis and determine which the direction of pairs.
For this I found two suitable platforms that I whole heartedly recommend to the community:

I recommend:

IQ Option

The Pros:

Free demo.
$5-$10 minimum deposit – Its open for everyone.
$1 minimum per trade – Its open for everyone.
The key points above were very important for me, as I do not wish to make this a “rich man’s/woman’s club” and want everyone to be able to participate and I really think that everyone should sign up to this as most foundation graduates would be able to handle this with their knowledge of fundamentals and make a decent profit.

Mobile App – The Iphone app is decent.
Uses Reuters as its price source (reliable)
EU Regulated
Funds are in a European Bank – Safe.
Many deposit methods and withdrawal methods.
Minimum withdrawal of $1.
Withdrawal takes 3 days. I read on other sites that its faster, but the person who recommended this (and whom i trust completely) said it took 3 days for him each time.
Referral fee means revenue earned for the community.

How to use:

Turbo Options: For options of only a few minutes on currency pairs.
Use along side trade ideas on the options forum, for medium and longer term options.

Where to sign up:

Sign up here.


Consider this scenario:

With a 90% payout reward, if you make 10 trades a month and have a 60% success rate.

Profit = Won trades – Initial amount

Profit =(1.9*0.6) – 1 = 14% a month.

14% a month for 2 years = 1.14^24 = 2321% return. Not bad at all.

14% a month for 3 years = 1.14^36 = 11,183%.

Things always look small when you think short term (small). Think long term (big) and things suddenly look much more attractive. Its why all the best things in life take time, effort and hard work!

Such winnings can be treated as the pocket money of the community per say. Leave your Etoro nest egg to grow and accumulate as much as you want for the next year or two (till you meet your target) and use this money as your enjoyment money. Because lets face it, when you are profiting so much, its really hard not to be temped to take out those returns and treat yourself. This way, hopefully you will not have to.


  1. Hi Mohammed,

    Once again thanks for you nice posts and all the effort you put into this.
    I just signed up for anyoption, however I cant find the option the copy anyone.
    Do you perhaps where to find the copy option?
    Thanks in advance.

    best regards,

    1. I will explain how on the forum. Making that post now before I go to sleep. Just wanted to post this first, so people can sign up before loads of “up or down” people fill the places.

  2. We appreciate the work you do and the way you put these ppl all over the work together, Thank you so much.
    I signed for both as well and didn’t see an option to search for people you’d like to copy and same as Tezontl It looks like the copy it’s not a feature in anyoption.

    Thanks Mo awaiting for the next post as you said.

    Ali from Paris

  3. Thanks Mohammed for this option, I am surprised to find that this post is from Dec 3, 2015 and today is the only time to know about it after the link/url from your tweet on twitter. I have invested with you in PAMM on HF, and when I signed up on anyoption to copy you, went to copyop and signed in, BUT, they don’t offer a search on their platform, we’re allowed only to copy from the Top Lists. I contacted them and they confirmed so. and the only way to find someone you know is to be connected together through Facebook.

    Other than that I may enter eToro in Feb and copy you, I am not sure if you will continue with eToro.

    Does IQ Option offer copying?

    By the way, how to enter the Foundation Graduate Program, I have noticed members on the Forum with that badge?

    Thanks Mohammed

    Best Regards,
    Mohamed Abdelhadi

    1. Hi Mohammed, thanks for your message. I do not recommend copying on Etoro as I will not be there for much longer. For the foundation graduate, its totally free. Just try the lessons posted on the forum and then attempt the exam. I hope you benefit from it. Have a nice day, Mohammed

  4. Hi
    To register on the Forum that closed I tried joining HF PAMM account but my € arrived in April, too late.
    I tried to register on the website but does not work my access or reset password

    Is there any possibility to join the community?
    Thank you

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